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Signed Loetz Austria Art Nouveau Iridescent Vase
Price: $6250.00
(Item: 051760)
D&RGW Rio Grande Prospector Double Egg Cup w/Lid
Price: $375.00
(Item: 5002A)
AT&SF (Santa Fe) Railway Mimbreno Demitasse Cup & Sauce
Price: $475.00
(Item: 4356-4523A)
Price: $195.00
(Item: 4890N)
1860-70's Cut Crystal 4 Bottle Tantalus Perfume Set
Price: $1350.00
(Item: 0576450)
UPRR Winged Streamliner Pattern Demitasse Set
Price: $55.00
(Item: 4800)
Amber Coolidge Pattern 1970's Kerosene Lamp
Price: $155.00
(Item: 4401J)
Early Handblown Green Enameled Barber Bottle
Price: $395.00
(Item: 4351J)
Majolica Footed Basket w/ Snake Handles
Price: $395.00
(Item: 4342J)
Czechoslovakia Cased Cranberry Fan-Shaped Vase
Price: $275.00
(Item: 4341J)
Canary Yellow & Cranberry Spatter Glass Vase
Price: $95.00
(Item: 4307N)
1890's Dark  Blue Wedgwood Classical Biscuit Jar
Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $395.00
(Item: 1732J)
Circa 1940's Tan Columbine Roseville Vase
Price: $295.00
(Item: 4158J)
1946 Roseville Snowberry Pattern Candlesticks
Price: $240.00
(Item: 4156C)
Hunters Root Beer Soda Fountain Syrup Dispenser
Price: $895.00
(Item: 4105JC)
D&RGRR Curecanti Etched Logo Cordial Glass
Price: $325.00
(Item: 4125J)
Amber Mold Blown Barber Bottle
Price: $495.00
(Item: 4101C)
Vict. Cranberry Cased Pitcher and 2 Tumblers
Price: $450.00
(Item: 4071J)
RS Prussia Red Mark Creamer & Sugar
Price: $325.00
(Item: 3233JC)
Set of 3 Vintage Controlled Bubble Cornucopia Salt Dips
Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $125.00
(Item: 1631JC)
1920's Nippon 4 pc. Men's Smoking Set
Price: $650.00
(Item: 3813J)
RS Prussia Iris Mold Floral Bowl w/ Red Mark
Price: $295.00
(Item: 1493J)
Cranberry Mary Gregory Humidor w/ Lid
Price: $495.00
(Item: 3675J)
Royal Nippon Nishika Handpainted Handled Vase
Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $70.00
(Item: 1449J)
Mary Gregory Amber Cruet
Price: $225.00
(Item: 3253J)
1890's-1900's Mary Gregory Green Ewer Shaped Pitcher
Price: $355.00
Sale Price: $295.00
(Item: 1372J)
Royal Bayreuth Corinthian Milk Pitcher
Price: $350.00
(Item: 2789J)
Rio Grande RR Prospector Oval Platter
Price: $155.00
(Item: 2758)
1933 Roseville Baneda Raspberry Vase
Price: $675.00
Sale Price: $575.00
(Item: 2534)
Cranberry Mary Gregory European Cruet
Price: $425.00
Sale Price: $285.00
(Item: 1283)
RS Prussia Black Mourning Bowl
Price: $355.00
Sale Price: $275.00
(Item: 1490J)
Pickard 3 pcs. Tea Service Set
Price: $525.00
Sale Price: $425.00
(Item: 2708)
Nippon Matte Vase with Gold Beading
Price: $225.00
Sale Price: $185.00
(Item: 1686)
Set of 2 Nippon Matching Vases
Price: $225.00
Sale Price: $185.00
(Item: 1685J)
Rubina Verde Opalescent Art Glass Sweetmeat
Price: $395.00
Sale Price: $276.50
(Item: 09176)
Royal Bayreuth Tomato Sugar Bowl
Price: $95.00
(Item: 1404J)
1890's Heisey Winged Scroll Custard Glass Berry Set
Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $450.00
(Item: 1027J)
Mary Gregory Green 6 3/4
Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $140.00
(Item: 1371J)
Amethyst Mary Gregory 7 5/8
Price: $355.00
(Item: 1374J)
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